Frequently Asked Jump Rope Questions

How Do I Lose Weight?
We use these steps to lose weight:

– 30 Minute High Intensity Workout 3-5x Per Week
– Consume A Healthy Amount Of Calories
– Sleep 7+ Hours Per Night
– Drink Lots of Water
– Eat Real Food
– Stop Eating Sugar
– Don’t Drink Alcohol

Use an app like MyFitnessPal to monitor your calories and determine what is appopriate for your weight loss goals.

What Type Of Jump Rope Should I Buy?
There are Four basic types of Jump Ropes:

Speed Rope: Steel Cable, used for competition, not highly recommended for general fitness
Beaded Rope: Rope with beads, Inexpnsive, durable, easily adjusable, fun for tricks
PVC Rope: Most recommended for general fitness. Good balance between speed/weight
Weighted Rope: For those who are wanting more of an upper body workout

We think most people should start with a beaded rope or PVC rope. Check out our list of best jump ropes.

Check out Jordan’s Jump Rope Gear.

Do I Need A Mat for Jump Rope?
When you start skipping rope, a mat will help to prevent injury. As you build your connecting tissue you may no longer require a jump rope mat.

We still recommend using one whenever possible.

Check out Jordan’s Jump Rope Gear.

Do I Need Special Shoes For Jump Rope?
High quality shoes are important to prevent injury and give your body support with a repetitive motion like jump rope. We’ve listed our favourite shoes for beginners in order of best to worst.

– Basketball Shoes: They’re built to protect your body when jumping a lot
– Running Shoes: Built to protect your body for repetetive stepping motions
– Cross Trainer: Good all around shoes
– Flat Foot Shoes (Converse, Vans, etc.): More advanced, more feel, less supportive & protective
– Barefoot: Some people love it, we’re not a big fan.

Check out Jordan’s Jump Rope Gear.

Why Does (x) Muscle(s) Hurt?
Jump rope is a high impact exercise. It uses muscles that you don’t use in your every day life. It is very important that you start slowly. You can try the following:

– Day 1: 1 Minute
– Day 2: 2 Minutes
– Day 3: 3 Minutes, etc.
– Take rest days if you need them
– Make sure you warm up, cool down, and stretch
– Mix bodyweight movements into your workout (pushups, squats, etc.)

How Many Calories Does Jump Rope Burn?
Rope skipping exercise can burn up to 15 to 20 calories every minute.

This will depend on you.

There are many variables including height, weight, fitness level, intensity of workout, type of jump rope, how high you jump, etc.

We recommend using a fitness watch to accurately calculate your calorie burn (Apple watch, etc.).

Generally speaking, you will burn more calories jumping rope compared to walking, jogging, or running since it its a full body exercise.

How Long Should My Jump Rope Be?
If you step on the middle of your jump rope, both sides of the jump rope (ignore the handles) should go up to your armpit. As you get more advanced, you will want to shorten the jump rope slightly to increase speed and agility.
Can I Jump Rope Indoors?
You will need to experiment on your own. It depends on your height, jump distance, and jump rope length.

Generally speaking, we recommend using an area with a 9ft ceiling or higher.

Make sure you avoid obsicles like hanging lights, sprinklers, and furniture.

Start slow and try it for yourself.

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